Gunn Weihe Reinert

So uhm, can I get your phone number?

Aah. That peculiar little sentence.

I don’t know; in movies the guys NEVER actually call back, and IF they do.. well, there’s alway a lot of waiting time and unnecesseary negative anticipation. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been able to take it seriously. It’s like an improved way of saying good bye. Like some kinda.. good tone of etiquette and politeness. Without actual meaning of course.

But then again.

A story in my life. My snurlywurly of a man is working as a sound engineer in clubs here and there, so once in a while I make an appearance to enjoy the music, a nice drinkie and just hang around, observing life. Well, the drunken kinda.

Talking to random people is of course inevitable. And because of blond hair and high heels random people are guys, for the most. And here’s the trick. There’s a fine line between just enjoying yourself and then flirting. I’m quite good at avoiding awkwardness by gracefully slide the mention of my man into the conversation. Not that I think it’s always necessary, but maybe just standard procedure. That way you don’t do anything wrong; you can’t control what they think, but you didn’t do anything wrong. Same with drinks from guys. Per say it isn’t wrong to accept one drink. It might be good company. But only one drink. You always say no to the second, saying – gracefully – that you’re not interested/have a man whatever; and then if they still want to offer you the 2nd (3rd, 4th…) then it’s fine, because you didn’t do anything wrong. Actually you might just as well abuse their oh-so speculative plan of getting you drunk enough to lose the moral. Then it’s quite fun, actually. Sometimes I just say “Yes please, can you also bring my boyfriend one?”

And then they do.

The point is that as long as I set up a few preconditions I can just relax and enjoy myself. I’m fiiiine. But of course the world doesn’t let me get that easily away with that one. For example; the phone number thingie. At the end of a random conversation, sure it might have been both interesting and fun, it happens more than so that the guys ask for my phone number. Do I want to give it, nooo. Besides, what part of “my man” don’t they get. “Just friends”, they reassure… Sure that might be true (oh, is it now), but is it really necessary?

And here is where my rationale abandons me. I don’t just turn around and walk away, noooo no, I merely say “fine, then”. Because in the moment it is fine, then. It’s just a polite way of saying thanks for the conversation. I for one sure ain’t gonna call, and of course they won’t call either. Who does that? It’s just etiquette.

Uuuh, but they do call.

To be fair most send messages. In the beginning. And to be fair, most can take a hint (some a little later than others). But some don’t. And it was the calls at 7:30 on school mornings that send me over the edge. Bloody hell!

So basically. Note to self: No switching of phone numbers. No politeness and etiquette. Don’t trust movie theorem; boys DO call.

Plan B: Give them Lieven’s number. Yeaa.


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