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So uhm, can I get your phone number?

28 september, 2012

Aah. That peculiar little sentence. I don’t know; in movies the guys NEVER actually call back, and IF they do.. well, there’s alway a lot of waiting time and unnecesseary negative anticipation. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been able to take it seriously. It’s like an improved way of saying good bye. Like some kinda.. […]

Sorry for the weather, maaan

26 juli, 2012

It has kinda an October/November feeling over it. The cats and dogs from the big mother ship of rain, and top it of with some windy wind wind. Even for an ancient viking Faroese like me. Not that it’s supermultiplulti unbearable, the awesome nature carries it well, kinda pretty, but 92% of my suitcase are […]

Homey home

25 juli, 2012

Aah home. Sleeping in my old room since 2 years of age. Sure, things have changed. It’s been a decade and some since I lived here steadily last; it has excess stuff from my sisters’ room, and clear signs from my sweet wildcat of an ex step brother, who inherited my crib for some years. […]

Home sweet rain

25 juli, 2012

Aah. The Islands. My other annual visit. The summer visit, for the summer that isn’t really there. Not that one wasn’t prepared for it. Generally I love flying. Except for the price (!) the Atlantic Airways flights are my favorite.  The pilots are the best, and the stewardesses are so sweet and generous that the […]

Smiley extravaganza

24 mars, 2011

So that wink smiley. ;). Jaja, it’s flirtey for some people, I know. And I actually use it quite a lot, ergo people think I’m flirty. Well I’m not. ..ok, maybe I am, but not so much on purpose. ..Mostly I just give winks for drinks. But for some reason I tend to get winded […]

Gunnilde at Roskilde

3 juli, 2010

I’m such a spoiled brat. Sooo. After totally giving up on Roskilde festival this year, as I also gave up to dig my own secret underground tunnel to the place, my rescuing knight in shining armour on a totally magical and wonderess way got me in. No need to go in to further details, but […]

Gunns high heel adventures vol.1

9 juni, 2010

Mnnooh no. Did it again. The falling-down-the stairs thingie, with high heels. But ok, this time it was just close. It was early morning, I was on my way home and was walking ever so stylish (drunk-concentrated) towards the metro. It was going all well n’all, until I stepped my first step down the metro […]

There’s a fire where??

26 mars, 2010

Monday, March 27, 2006 There’s a fire where?? We were at this party, and were just goofing around, screaming our lungs out to all sorts of music. Europe’s Final Countdown was playing, when suddenly the stereo went off and the only thing you could hear was this girl singing, perfectly vibrated and with all her […]